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How It's Made

We are committed to source responsibility. Here’s how we do it.

We are committed to source responsibility. Here’s how we do it.

At JENNY BIRD, it is of the utmost importance to us that our products are sourced and manufactured responsibly. One of our brand values is to be conscious through all aspects of the business, and as such, we believe it is our responsibility to be socially conscious, global citizens in how we carry out our business. We proudly manufacture our jewelry in Qingdao, China, in the province of Shandong, south-east of Beijing. 


We trialed various factories from around the world including North America and found the samples from a small factory in Qingdao were the best quality. Qingdao is a hub for fashion jewelry production, with many of the best brands in the world choosing the city’s factories for their superior technology and skill in brass-based jewelry production. We work very closely with our Qingdao partners on a daily basis and proudly stand behind the quality of each piece.


We only work with manufacturers or business partners of any kind that believe is conducting their business in a socially responsible manner.

When sourcing new manufacturers and materials, our focus is identifying new ethical factories to meet our needs. We mandate factory partners to conduct regular social compliance audits. For more information on our audits, see below.


We invest in annual audits with our factory. For any new partners, the passing of which is a requirement for continuing to work with JENNY BIRD. We use the SMETA 2 Pillar Audit, a third-party regulatory body and gold standard in the industry. To complete an audit, an auditor physically attends the site (or workplace, business) to assess the conditions on the ground. Social audits enable businesses to assess their suppliers, monitor health and safety for workers, and signal zero tolerance of human rights abuses. Our factory partners successfully passed the audit in 2024, and the next one is scheduled for next year.

The SMETA 2 Pillar Audit uses the ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative) base code and local laws. Nine principles to the ETI base code are:

• Employment is freely chosen.
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected.
• Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
• Child labour shall not be used.
• Living wages are paid.
• Working hours are not excessive.
• No discrimination is practised.
• Regular employment is provided.
• No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

The audit determines if the factory regards environmental safety (including hazardous waste disposal handling procedures) and compliance with local laws. The audit will evaluate their environmental impact reports, pollutant discharge permits, and hazardous waste records.

Note: The metals used by JENNY BIRD are not upcycled. They are purchased by our factory’s suppliers from smelters (suppliers of base metals) in Shandong province.


Every single piece produced at our factory is hand-inspected and examined at multiple steps throughout the production process. This is a thoughtful, considered process by a third party and also by our factory and its staff. This precise, white-gloved attention to detail surpasses industry standards in the fashion jewelry category. 


The workers at our Qingdao are at the heart of our creation and creative process. We have maintained a close relationship with the same team for over seven years. From plating to careful packaging, our predominantly female management staff works diligently to meet our JENNY BIRD Quality Control Guidelines to ensure our pieces are inspected, prepared and sent to you with the highest attention to detail and care.