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Article: The Factory, 2012

The Factory, 2012

The Factory, 2012

During a time period that we will refer to as BA (before August), Adam and Jenny trekked out to the scenic port city of Qingdao, China to visit the factory where the majority of JB jewels are made.

Last week, Jenny came across the hundreds of photos that she and Adam had taken on their trip; the crew in the bird's nest were so fascinated by the inner workings of it all, that we thought it might be of interest to the Birdgirls out there; or to anyone who has ever been curious about how and where their jewels are produced. 

It is of the utmost importance to Adam and Jenny that their products are sourced and manufactured responsibly; that they are socially and environmentally conscious global citizens in how they carry out their business.Read more about how we ensure this.

Below are a few snaps from their trip — along with a little play-by-play of how our Dionysus Pendant is made.

Adam surrounded by brass. So much brass.
In case that wasn't enough brass for you, here's a bit more. And by a bit, I mean a lot.


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Spotted: Olivia Munn in #thenewjb

Spotted: Olivia Munn in #thenewjb

FASHION Magazine, May 2016. Photography by  @maxabadian. Styling by @georgeantonopoulous1. Art Direction by @brianamirabelli  

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